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As part of the executive search committee, Dr. Stone demonstrated uncanny skill in the selection of her staff, who continue to practice successfully at Parrish. I am convinced that their loyalty to our program is at least partially attributable to Dr. Stone's nurturing management style. In providing a broad spectrum of psychological assessment and treatment, she has more than proven her ability to lead a large and complex mental health care system.

Stone also devoted much time to developing an outstanding educational program for the early diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders in grade school children.

The Experience

She regularly lectures on these topics to other mental health professionals in the community. Stone also provides excellent consultations to inpatient psychiatry and medical-surgical units of this center. Her commitment to education and teaching is highlighted by her recent development of the Psychology Internship Program for doctoral candidates in psychology. In this capacity, Dr.

Stone developed and coordinated a seminar curriculum for 45 students from 12 universities. The supplementary services provided by these interns greatly benefit our patients.

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In addition, the program affords significant prestige for our medical center in addition to providing the required training for future licensed psychologists. Fortunately, Dr. Stone's unique combination of administrative and clinical skills is enhanced by her delightful and sincere personality. In all situations, Veronica has proven to be a wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere and caring person. Without exception, I have consistently found her to be sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by patients, peers, subordinates and superiors alike. She possesses a humility that belies her intellectual brilliance.

I am deeply impressed by Dr.

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Stone and recommend her without hesitation. I am confident that, if selected for your program, she will bring the same level of service and commitment to business that she has brought to psychology. If you have any questions or wish to speak further about Dr.

Stone, please feel free to call me at Our Assessment: This letter captures the many skills that have enabled this seasoned professional to advance to the top of her field.

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Stone's strengths as a counselor, administrator and communicator were an excellent match for the top-tier programs to which she applied. I have known Raul Hernandez for over five years. In what capacity have you known the applicant? As the director of the telecom division, I was his supervisor for his three-month internship. I quickly discovered that he was a mature young man who could be counted on for help and support.

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We were delighted to re-hire Raul for a permanent position as an Associate in January Raul's greatest contributions to our group were his analytical skills, interpersonal strengths and superior communication skills. As a Senior Associate, he initiated new ventures and formulated the expansion strategy for our division. By taking this initiative, Raul became an expert in the field, mastering everything there was to know about the subject.

Raul also employs meticulous attention to detail and a methodical approach to solving problems. When our group's hardware division was completing a joint venture in software development, senior management had already approved the purchase of equipment from a supplier. At the last minute, the vendor announced that he could not fulfill our order.

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Under strict time constraints, Raul found a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturer, which saved the company nearly USD, in equipment costs. Using his knowledge of both corporate cultures, Raul sorted out the differences between the two parties and successfully closed the deal. In recognition of this stellar accomplishment, Raul was the first person in IBM history to be promoted to Senior Associate with less than five years experience.

Because of Raul's excellent analyses and presentations, the group re-focused on more profitable business opportunities. He added a new dimension to his presentations by completing a thorough political risk analysis about a particular country where we aimed to pursue business. When analyzing a situation, he considered all potential pros and cons, which was one of his most salient strengths.

When Raul first joined the firm, his desire for perfection occasionally caused him to have problems managing his time. This was not a weakness, but an inherent desire to complete all projects with unquestionable quality. Although this mindset does not hinder him at this point in his career, Raul will benefit from spending less time and energy on non-critical projects. I have addressed this issue with Raul, who has learned to re- focus his attention to more critical issues. I was particularly impressed by how well Raul handled my observation and immediately applied it to his advantage.

In both his personal and professional life, Raul always keeps his word. Leadership Ability.

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Raul is a natural leader who will easily advance to an executive position. Raul demonstrated his leadership skills when he initiated and developed our fiber optic cable project. Although he was a junior associate, he quickly emerged as the leader of the group. Ability to work with others. Compared to his peers, Raul has superior interpersonal skills and a charismatic personality. His excellent upbringing and education allow him to be equally comfortable with CEOs and lower level workers.

Raul was always receptive to new ideas and suggestions, often proactively seeking advice from his colleagues and superiors. Goal Orientation.

Raul is goal-oriented in every aspect of his life. In every situation, he has a clear plan and a quantifiable objective, which he pursues in the face of any obstacle. In the presence of an unavoidable hindrance, Raul will find an alternate path rather than deviate from his goal. Raul is a very confident young man.

On numerous occasions, he has successfully fielded questions from high-ranking managers with impeccable skill. When a board member asked him where he got his confidence, Raul replied that he worked hard, received good guidance and the rest came naturally.

Oral and Written Communication Skills. Raul is one of the most eloquent speakers I have ever heard. Raul's exceptional feasibility studies, reports and business plans were instrumental in attracting investors and gaining capital for our fiber optic cable project and our software development project. With his fluency in several languages, Raul is truly an international citizen.

Summary: In my thirty years of corporate life, I have worked with thousands of talented professionals. He is an exceptional individual who will undoubtedly succeed in whatever endeavor he undertakes. Our assessment: The strength of this letter is the extensive, well-documented discussion of the candidate's strengths. By providing third-party verification of Raul's leadership skills, the author highlighted many interpersonal qualities that the committee would never have heard about any other way.

Even small details, such as Raul's confident response to the board member, contributed to our positive assessment of him.

45 Business School (MBA) Recommendation Letters: That Made a Difference

Manager: International Confectionary Company a How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity? As the Group Vice President of Marketing for the Godiva Corporation, I provide executive direction to a firm that distributes gourmet chocolates and confections in the European markets. Since , we have expanded our business into a leading distributor of 50 prestigious international brands, including Godiva Gold, which is the only European chocolate that is sold in Saudi Arabia. To achieve such aggressive growth, we have relied upon the talents of our highly motivated employees, such as Mr.

Horatio Wing. I have known Horatio since March of , when he was promoted to Product Manager in our London office. I have subsequently spoken to Mr.