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Basic principles on the use of restorative justice programmes in criminal matters. 33 UNODC. The present handbook offers, in a quick reference format, an overview of ing, minor theft, vandalism of school property, extortion of pocket.

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He could do any thing with an oven or griddle, And he played a few pretty good tunes on a fiddle. He could loaf in the shade or could set by the fire And out talk most any professional liar. He looked upon life as a sort of a joke. But when things got in earnest he shore could talk sense, And he could shoe horses, mend wagons and fence. A mighty good roper and look out man too.

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He could smooth down a bronc quick as most men do. He was most like a doctor, the old timers said. He helped care fer the sick and to bury the dead. Now most folks think such a wonderful man Must have owned lots of cattle or plenty of land. He was just some old drifter that all of us knew. In it, he comments, in part:. Since that time I have put in ten or twelve years around horse and cow outfits. During the summer of I was working for G.

Tap Duncan in northwestern Arizona. Sometimes I would parody songs to suit local happenings or write verses and different jingles about what took place on the work…I never really completed grammar school and my powers of imagination are not what some writers are gifted with.

So you will find these rhymes are all written from actual happenings or the old legends of cow country…. Hoping it brings back memories to the old boys and that the younger ones enjoy them. This c. Jack Potter was a buckaroo who never looked at girls— He claims—not even purty ones that wore their hair in curls. But when it came to women he was spooky-like and shy.

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One day some rancher girls ran out to watch his passing herd. And Jack, he kinder tipped his hat, but never said a word. Omar Barker, reprinted with the permission of the estate of S. Omar Barker. After he retired from the range, sold his ranch, and moved into the town of Clayton, New Mexico , Potter wrote down some of his personal recollections, entered them in a contest sponsored by the Pioneer State Tribune and, astonishingly, was awarded second place. Find much more at cowboypoetry. Barker was one of the founders of the Western Writers of America, Inc.

Find more about S. Omar Barker at CowboyPoetry. Please respect copyright. You can share this poem and image with this post, but for any other uses, request permission. Smith, c. We receive and come across all sorts of interesting information from a wide range of sources. Below, we gather some quick links to news stories, web features, and other items of interest gathered from the web, social media, and from you, the most recent posted first.

Your suggestions for consideration of inclusion are welcome as well as your comments. Email us. Cowboy Poetry Week Nineteenth annual: April , Mike Logan , Independent Record , August 17, Monterey Cowboy Festival announcing no event in , August 14, Hunt, Porterville Recorder , July 29, Taylor, Capital Journal , July 24, Return to Calgary: Charles M. Russell Museum.

Hale, Contra Viento Journal , Spring, Whoop It Up! Times , March 15, Bell, Then came the deadly floods.

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Robison, Catherine Ellerton, mvprogress. Milano, Elko Daily , February 1, Robison, myprogress. Nuse, ScienceNordic , December 28, Waxman, Time , from April, Bowen, Payson Roundup, June 5, Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering video. News , April 13, Capriola , undated. Louis Post-Dispatch , March 31, Ortega, written February , Western Horseman , March 25, Peel, Progressive Cattleman , March 14, Paul Zarzyski.

Kansas Cowboy Poetry Contest. Western Writers of America, Spur Award winners and finalists. Finance , February 22, Guy William Logsdon , tulsaworld.

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Cowby Arts and Gear Museum. Janovy, Here and Now , January 3, Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering , January , The first and foremost of these things Is what must stay and what must go. Ranch-raised in Texas Hill Country, Linda Kirkpatrick is known for her poetry, recitations, writings about regional history, chuckwagon cooking, community support, and loyal friendship to many. She wrote this poem for her friends Ginger and W. Patterson, who, like Linda, are from long-time Texas ranching families.

Omar Barker poem and the another with a recitation of a Bruce Kiskaddon poem. Readers send her photos. This photo above is from top cowboy cook Kent Rollins. Her brand new book is Cord Springs, The Story of a Place in Texas , a deeply researched account of the long history of a piece of a land, from prehistory through settlement, wars, conflict, and ranchland. Find more about Linda Kirkpatrick, including her books and recordings, at CowboyPoetry.

You can share this poem and this photograph with this post, but for other uses, request permission. We welcome your event date and link for cowboy poetry and Western music events.

The Claiming (A Savior's Song #1)

This is one of the most popular sets of books in the Mormon Apocalypse genre. Book one, Prologue: The Brothers takes place in heaven before the characters come to Earth. The series moves to Earth in book two where Elizabeth and her brothers must withstand the forces of evil in the Middle East conflict. There are six books in the series and can usually be found prominently displayed at Deseret Books.

Terrorists attack the U. There are two books in the series and are likely to appeal to YA readers.

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There are two books in the series that are currently available and a third which is scheduled for a November release. Based on my conversations with Simon I know that the series is based on his take of the prophecies about the end of the world. The story deals with the Shumways, who have several members of family working for the CIA and involved in the escalating political strife felt around the globe.

Good reading at its best. Robert has been my go-to guy for action. When I write combat scenes I want something with a heavy beat that really makes my pulse race. He has a romantic side as well. The song that inspires me for this storyline takes a familiar song and catapults it into the next century.

I have a Mormons in Space story I plan to write—eventually—and this tunes puts into my mind images of ships blasting off and then streaking through space. Ye Elders Of Israel by Vista 4.

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Poor Calvin. I have two songs I play for his storylines.

Marlborough scene from The Gathering Storm (2002)

Neither of them is meant to put me in a particularly optimistic mood. Is this faster paced than most of your normal conversations? Not mine. Sarah should have rejoined her family when she had the chance. More than any other song this one best represent Book 3 as a whole. Good news! Book three in The Gathering series is well underway. I am incredibly excited about the storyline.

The storyteller in me wants to rattle off all sorts of details about what I have planned for the book, but the logical, seasoned author part of me knows that will just ruin the surprise. It may interest some of you to know that I start a book by writing all of the chapters for the main character. Then I pick another character and write all of their chapters. This helps me keep each individual plotline running smoothly and reduce the number of continuity mistakes.

Randy: How are you enjoying the book so far? I mean, have you read any of your books? Robert: My point is that it stinks to be a protagonist in your novels. In the first book you beat me up and broke my ribs. In the second book you blew up the vehicle I was riding in and then shot me. I can only imagine what you plan to do to me in this story. I happened to run into the protagonist from your first book while we were waiting for you to get busy with another story.

He told me that in one of the chapters you had him shot and then when he stumbled out to the street to save his granddaughter you ran over him with a van. Randy: Point taken. Were there any scenes in the series so far that you liked?