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Basic principles on the use of restorative justice programmes in criminal matters. 33 UNODC. The present handbook offers, in a quick reference format, an overview of ing, minor theft, vandalism of school property, extortion of pocket.

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Chunky anything. Chunks give life dimension, topography, heft. The chunks in this Thousand Island dressing are dehydrated cucumbers and garlic, which I never thought about dehydrating but good idea.

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Other good ideas: soy sauce. A salad bar mood. All you need to complete the fantasy is a clear glass plate, some flavorless cherry tomatoes, and crisp iceberg lettuce. How about them sprinkles? The round, crunchy sprinkles on this quintessential grocery store birthday cake were the best part. Well, the other best part was how excited everyone in the BA office was to eat it and then tell me how they felt. This is like that—drinking moistened sugar. Or happy! The result will be the same: your blood sugar will spike to record-breaking heights, the dopamine will tickle your brain, and your forehead will hit the desk in an afternoon sugar coma.

Oh they got me. Well, twists, but in my box, some were twisted and some were straight lines. Joe is unpredictable like that.

Famous 5 on the Case: Case File 1 : The Case of the Fudgie Fry Pirates

You could serve them with labneh or creamy gorgonzola dip at a party, but I lacquered them with peanut butter and jelly and went to town. Town is my couch. What else can I say? Ate in on pizza. Pizza is pizza. Moving on. I dumped a little bag this is a bag with other bags inside of it FYI in my lunch salad and it became half of my salad. Sprinkle away. Everything was chill until the cauliflower gnocchi showed up. Here, we have a soft, gnocchi-like nugget made of cauliflower, cassava flour, and potato starch, in place of potato, flour, and egg.

Pretty impressive chemistry if I say so myself! I failed Chemistry.

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Right out of the bag you get a whiff of that raw cauliflower stank, but once cooked I did the stovetop method: add water, cover, add butter, brown, done in 12 minutes it tastes of nothing at all. The cassava flour and potato starch coated my Dutch oven and spoon with a thick, gooey layer of starch sludge, which took ages to clean.

However, Joe nailed the chewy-gummy-pillowy texture that attracts us to potato gnocchi. I dressed up my two bags of gnocchi for two people with red pepper flakes, garlic, Parmesan, spinach, and a squeeze of lemon.

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This is a candle that smells of grapefruit and only grapefruit: extremely acidic, sour, and astringent. Useful, in my case, for getting the smell of fish out of my entire apartment. I tasted these by pouring the fizzy liquid in a goblet, taking a big inhale, and swishing the soda around my gums—I need to assess with the utmost professional tactics. On the nose, strawberry-rhubarb is all strawberry, with hints of chapstick.

The rhubarb comes through in taste, pleasantly tart and sweet. This drink is liquid pie filling; adding tequila sounds like a very good idea indeed. Avoid lemon-elderflower, which is much sweeter, with notes of super overripe citrus and an acidity that sucks the moisture from your saliva glands. I would never lie to you.

Creamy, perfect chocolate milk. TJ cuts these blocks of PJ into thin rectangular prisms, also known as cuboids. You thought this was going to be a review of a block of cheese?!? But again, unpredictable. Check the forecast.

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This is a cheese that melts, and it melts well. I searched all over for these until Juan, a nice man with a pencil in his ear—not behind his ear, through a huge hole in his lobe must be a writer —helped me track them down in the frozen section. Thanks, Juan! These are very crunchy cookies, with tiny shards of toffee in them, which do exactly what toffee is supposed to do: sorta stick in your teeth and provide daylong pleasure.

I especially loved dunking these in coffee, which softened the cookie and semi-melted the chocolate coating. The small cookie size is good for portion control , she told herself as she lay awake at night, thinking about all the cookies she stress ate that day. It never occurred to me to buy frozen pastries but what the heck?! After that, I put it in the toaster oven for like 39 seconds to push the limits.

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It was a surprisingly chewy and tender sweet dough, with a HUGE plop of cream cheese in the center. What this does is it forces you to lick a swipe of cream cheese and then bite into the outer brioche ring so that each bite contains both. Like I said, crazy things. Ladders, really? And no chutes? Seems like a missed opportunity. Also no marshmallows. Another womp womp. These oaty basement windows taste like pancakes, and have a high resistance to milk, which never softens them. What first appears to be a badly decorated chocolate egg candy is actually a delicious tiny cake.

Sprinkles dropped from a distance of 50 feet, squiggly lines done by a robot with the shakes, and stripes, well the stripes are okay. Or two. Like wearing white tights to church on Easter, I have to skip this one. A half bite did me in.

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  • So much water. And a little bit of red wine. I think Mr. Joe was going for a Cadbury thing here but something got lost in translation: taste. This is not explained in the enthusiastic product description.

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    To remind you of the nature from whence it came? Seems like a visual ploy to me. Honey with a waxy prize!

    The flavor of the honey is honey, with slightly more depth than the one-note processed honey bear luv u, honey bear! What we have here is a bowl of coleslaw. Bahn mi inspired is some bold poetic license if you ask me. Obviously the huge baguette! The texture is: a Clif bar smashed into a cube. The blueberry flavor, reminiscent of stolen hotel vanity soap gathering dust on your bathroom shelf, is extremely dry and grainy with chia seeds.