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The abandoned town is now a popular destination for tourists and photographers, who come to see the remaining shells of structures filled with sand after desert storms pass through. However, this filming location's history isn't quite as glamorous. Craco — which sits just inside the heel of Italy's "boot" — was abandoned by residents after repeatedly being destroyed in natural disasters including landslides and floods. Nowadays, this beautiful hill-top town in the region of Basilicata is kept vacant, only to appear occasionally on the silver screen.

However, the residents had to abandon their home in , during the Greco-Turkish War.

The Greek residents were never allowed to return to the village due to the exchange of population that took place between the two countries. As a result, the village has now been slowly falling into disrepair for almost years. The British village of Copehill Down looks like many suburban estates across the country with its neat gardens and driveways. But on close inspection, this eerily quiet residential area looks more like a bomb site than a suburb.

Copehill Down in Wiltshire is a Ministry of Defence training facility specially constructed to resemble a Bavarian village — and has never been populated. Its level of detail, including curtains in the windows and flower beds in many of the gardens, give the impression of a real evacuated war zone. Centralia in Pennsylvania, USA, was once a thriving mining town but now has a population of just A mineshaft caught fire underneath the town in the s and has burned ever since. The town was evacuated, apart from just 13 individuals who refused to move and continue to live directly above the burning shafts.

Built to replicate the seventh most densely populated city in the world, Paris, Tianducheng in China is eerily empty in comparison. The housing estate — which can accommodate over 10, people — features Parisian architecture, grand fountains, public parks, and even a replica Eiffel tower.

However, not many people jumped at the chance to live in "Little China" after it was completed.

2. Terlingua, Texas

The current population of Tianducheng is estimated at around 2, people — many of which work at a nearby French-themed amusement park — leaving the grand boulevards and avenues eerily quiet. Pripyat in Ukraine reached a population of 49, before it was swiftly evacuated on April 27 The city was based in close proximity to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and many of the plant's workers lived in Pripyat. When a nuclear disaster descended on the Chernobyl plant in , nearby Pripyat was the settlement hit hardest.

ABANDONED gigantic GHOST TOWN in the California Desert (bloody hospital found)

All residents had to be swiftly evacuated over the space of one afternoon, leading to many residents leaving almost everything behind. The city now lies abandoned and in ruins. In , a fire destroyed most of the town's structures and today, only a few foundations remain. There is still a cemetery and traces of the old town of Carbon still at the site. The town of Carbon went bust when coal mines started closing down and the railroad moved the line.

This prompted inhabitants to move to better places such as Hanna and left the place pretty much a ghost town.

Ghost Towns in Utah

The Hanna Museum is your best resource to learn more about the old town of Carbon. The museum has photos, artifacts, maps and personal accounts of life in Carbon. The old Ghost Town of Carbon Cemetary is popular for both history buffs and decendants of the miners who lived and died in the mines of Carbon. The best time to visit the ghost town of Battle is during the late spring, summer or early fall.

We highly suggest doing this route only in a 4 Wheel Drive high clearance vehicle. There are still a number of residences in Battle some of whom are related to miners who settled the area back in its heyday.

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The town was names after nearby Battle Pass. A great town to explore, it should however, be accorded caution as the mineshaft was never filled when the miners abandoned the town. There are also some buildings still stands to this day. Rudefeha is an abandoned mining town. Take Hwy south out of Saratoga. Actually, there was hardly ever a plan. Easley, a real-estate salesman who typically deals in ranches, convinced his family to purchase the town right after the financial crisis.

He was looking for a new investment, and he thought, Why not a town?

He was charmed. Easley became hooked on the idea of owning the town in , when an insurance broker named Bobby Cave put Albert up for sale on eBay. In late , after the housing market collapsed and the price of Albert tumbled with it, Easley saw his chance. He emailed in a cash offer. At first, everything was great. But then, in , the iron markets collapsed because of oversupply in China, and Voight had to reinvent himself again.

So, like his fellow ghost-town owners, he pivoted to tourism.

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But not the kind of tourism that goes on in Albert or Cerro Gordo — Voight is not an entrepreneur looking to make Sunrise into a resort-like destination for imitation Bonnaroos and corporate retreats. The way Voight tells it, scientists from across the U. Voight paused as he rattled off his list of visitors. Included in that list of ghost hunters — Sam and Dean from Supernatural , which filmed a episode in Sunrise.

Completely ghosted

None of this is to say Voight is actually turning a profit on Sunrise. We found out.

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  • But when Turkish forces invaded the town in 1974, Varosha's tourists and civilians were forced out.!
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